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Do You Want to be a Star Boss?

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Do You Want to be a Star Boss?
Do You Want to be a Star Boss?
By Andrew Scantland
Posted: 2017-10-23T17:32:00Z

Do you want to be a star boss?

Are you in business as a solopreneur, manager of a small business, or an executive in a Fortune 500 Company?

Do you manage or want to manage in the legal, medical, or health & wellness field?

If that’s you, it’s good news. According to Dr. Relly Nadler, a keynote speaker at the ICF CO 2017 Fall Conference, the skills of the best bosses out there can be learned. That leads to 130% more productivity in complex professional fields on average than even good bosses are able to achieve.

It’s all about developing Emotional Intelligence (EI).

So, what are some pointers to getting into that top 10% of leadership performance?

According to Dr. Nadler, a psychologist, author, and Master Certified Coach, while average bosses do well by addressing opportunities and putting in extra effort, the best bosses will also consistently initiate ideas and actions for the future.

And while average bosses are trustworthy, and act in accordance with their values, star bosses have the courage to admit mistakes publicly, and will stick to their values even when the pressure is on to do otherwise.

Average bosses develop members of their teams by providing support and expressing positive expectations, while star bosses do this and more. They give timely, specific feedback, setting up their teams for success, and take the time to point out what went well, as well as what can be improved.

Dr. Nadler has over outlined over 100 strategies to help you shift from a good leader into a great leader, and he will be sharing his expertise at the ICF Colorado 2017 Fall Conference. Tickets are selling fast!

Adapted from Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Tools for Top Performance with Dr. Relly Nadler, a video published Sept 19, 2011.

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