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How Does Passion Fuel Exceptional Leadership?

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How Does Passion Fuel Exceptional Leadership?
By Andrew Scantland
Posted: 2017-10-24T18:12:00Z

Are you passionate about performance as a Leader? Do you want more of it? Are you a coach, business executive, or in the legal, medical, or health & wellness fields?


As a keynote speaker at the ICF-CO 2017 Fall Conference this November 9th, there’s an amazing opportunity to learn about the power of passion in leadership from Dr. Cathy Greenberg. It’s a vital part of learning how to be Emotionally Brilliant.


An ICF Certified Coach and world-renowned authority on leadership, Dr. Greenberg has studied and interviewed high-performance leaders from a variety of professions.


While it’s intuitive that passion is a fuel that fires extraordinary action, Dr. Greenberg pinpoints at least two specific ways in which passion drives leadership success.


First, it lights the way, illuminating a “roadway to success”, regardless of the terrain.


Second, passion helps overcome the fears that will inevitably show up along the way. She compares passion to falling in love—and falling in love with your mission has the power to transform even the greatest of fears and obstacles.


And we can take inspiration from those passionate leaders doing work of a very different kind from ours. Dr. Greenberg talks about Rebecca Lolosoli, an “ordinary” Kenyan woman of supreme courage known now by many across the globe. She still faces the threat of brutality and death on a daily basis, but her passion for gender equality and respect remains her “stake in the ground.”


Come and learn how to lead with passion in every aspect of your work and life.


Hurry while tickets last!


Adapted from How Did Passion Fuel Fearless Leaders? By Dr. Cathy Greenberg, published October 8, 2015.

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