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2020 International Coaching Week

Webinar Recordings


"Build Resilience with a Coaching Culture"

Presenter:  Becky Magnotta

Audience: Managers at all levels, including executives

Everyone deserves a great place to work. Managers can start by examining their current state and how developing their employees through coaching can help them get where they want to be. Overall – how do we build a coaching culture to increase employee satisfaction and improve results.

After a brief poll of common areas of concern, we’ll examine what a coaching culture looks like, and how coaching at all levels of the company can make transformational change in an organization.

This will include a framework to develop a strategy to move forward, that includes group and individual coaching, and helping managers at all levels develop coaching skills.


"Develop Your Resiliency Plan"
Presenter:  Jacquie Fedo

Audience: Organizational Leaders

These are uncertain times as we learn to navigate working from home, remote schooling for our kids, leading virtual teams and managing job insecurity.

In order to navigate extreme change and lead well, we must adapt quickly by expanding our capacity to try new things, learn in real-time, and stay focused on where we want to go.

Partner with me to develop a Resiliency Plan to keep yourself grounded, increase your focus, and build your stamina. You will increase your resilience and begin modeling the way for others.


"Moving Your Client from No to Yes: The Four No's of Fear"
Presenter:  Kelly Voorhees

Audience: Coaches who want to explore how fear can hold back clients from achieving what they want in life.

In this webinar, coaches will learn how fear permeates their clients' ways of living when they beat themselves up, complain, create excuses and live in their expectations by wishing, waiting or hoping that something different will happen in their life. Coaches will learn sound and easily teachable strategies that can be integrated into their own and their clients' repertoire of skills to become more able to find a sense of self-direction and accomplishment.


"Nature as Powerful Often Overlooked Resource for Resilience"
Presenter: Jenya Kuvshinova

Audience: People who enjoy nature. Those who are interested in mindfulness.

Nature-rich life is essential part of being resilient and overall psychologically healthy as our brain was developing in nature-centric environment.

Nature Pyramid by University of Virginia Biophilic projects: how much, how often and what kind of nature we need for psychological health.

Nature and resilience. Studies show that spending time on Nature calm anxiety, ward off depression and change perspective allowing to make decisions and act from values and higher self rather than fear, anxiety, stress.

Attention Restoration Theory. Coping with mental fatigue in times of uncertainty.
What exactly to do while outside? Nature-connecting practices for yourself, your family and clients.


"How to Be a Resilient Coach:
The Art of Coaching with Calm, Clarity and Conviction in Anxious Times"

Presenter: Christine Kopec

Audience: Coaches or potential coaches at all experience levels

Participants will enter break out groups to discuss various key topics including:
When you hear the word "resilient" what comes to mind?
What reactive behaviors do you see in yourself and in your clients?
What words would you use to describe the quality of your leadership/coaching presence in the last week?

There will be time for self-reflection based on 5 key questions. Q&A opportunities will be spread throughout the presentation. Additionally, I will be sharing an actual coaching interaction where these Resilient Leadership concepts were implemented and how they impacted the client's ability to be less anxious and more successful at work.


"5 Ways To Lead Others Powerfully During Uncertainty"
Presenter: Chris Coward

Audience: Leaders in any industry, coaches working with leaders

Effective leadership during the pandemic has never been more important. The tension between providing inspiration and hope with encouraging productivity is a challenging act. This webinar focuses on 5 practical things leaders can do to lead powerfully in these uncertain times.

Some of the areas we will cover are:
how to communicate effectively with your team,
how to strengthen your own resilience (and help your team do the same),
the importance of compassion including self compassion,
and how to regulate the stress response.

This webinar will be delivered in a “coach approach” style, meaning participants will have an opportunity to engage with other participants to create an action plan from the content.


"Learn to Use an Old Favorite Pastime (Puzzle)
To Discover Pieces of Yourself (or Use With Clients and Teams)
to Become Even More Resilient"

Presenter:  Ellen Robinson

Audience: Life and Executive Coaches, Creating Lasting Outcomes with an Old Favorite Pastime

PersonPuzzle is a coaching solution that turns one of the world’s favorite pastimes--the puzzle--into a vehicle of meaningful self-discovery for clients.

Coaches use the solution to differentiate their practice, enhance coaching conversations, and create lasting outcomes for their clients - 1:1, teams and workshops.


"Your Journey through Transitions"
Presenter:  Walt Hastings

Audience: People experiencing change

This workshop will explore the process of going through transitions.

We will examine the stages of
Engagement (being settled),
Leaving (becoming unsettled),
Transition (a time of chaos),
Entering (being unsettled)
and Re-Engagement (becoming settled).


"HeartWise: Enhancing Couples Resilience"
Presenter:   Ruth & Jim Sharon

Audience: Committed couples

Dr. Jim and Ruth Sharon will focus on developing skills for individuals and couples to more effectively adapt and bond during this prolonged pandemic. We'll briefly consider some stress management approaches and emphasize ways to connect and reconnect with your partner (or family) during this very challenging time.


"Resilience from a Minority Perspective"
Presenter:   Hilda Gehrke

Audience: Leadership coaches/organization leaders

During times of crisis and uncertainty, being resilient is an important skill to overcome adversity, but does it look the same for everyone? We often assume that everyone else is having the same struggles we have, but this crisis is presenting challenges that we have never imagined and impacting everyone differently. By becoming aware of different realities, we become active participants in the changes we want to see in the world.  This experiential, thought provoking webinar will help participants raise their awareness and inspire action.