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2018 Education Groups (2019 Coming Soon)

ICF Colorado is proud to offer these groups to support your development as a professional coach.  Each of these is a series of virtual or in-person meetings over the course of 2018.  When you sign up for a group, you'll want to attend as many meetings over the course of the year as you can.

Cost: If you've paid your ICF-CO Activity Fee, there's no charge!  Otherwise, you're welcome to join as many groups as you like for $99 for the 2018 year.

If you sign up for more than one group and are not an ICF-CO member, you will be prompted to pay the $99 fee on each group registration page. Please note that you will only need to pay that fee one time, regardless of how many groups you are signing up for. If you are registering for more than one group, please contact Kelly Johnson for a fee waiver for subsequent education group registrations.

Each group has a limit on size and is designed as a continuing group of people for the year. So grab your spot quickly!

  • Best Year Yet and Accountability
  • Credentialing & Core Competencies
  • Interpersonal Skills in Coaching
  • Executive Coaching Mastermind
  • Experienced Coaches Salon
  • Continued Coaching Development
  • "Bolder in Boulder" - MCC led group to refine and deepen coaching skills

Best Year Yet & Accountability

Dates:Second and Fourth Fridays each month
Times: 9:00am on Zoom
Facilitator: Jacquie Fedo

Jacquie Fedo will be leading a Best Year Yet© Plan Development and Accountability SIG.   Best Year Yet© is a proven success process of creative self inquiry, reflection and planning. If you shy away from strategic planning, this process is truly simple and you can do this. If you're experienced in business planning and notice that your plans mainly focus on business results, this process brings YOU back into the strategic plan as the main recipient incorporating the whole you, your family, personal health and wellness goals.  This education group will require several investments: 

  1. Initial 6 hours of group facilitation to create your 1-page BYY Plan.
    2-3 dates will be offered for in-person instruction or may be completed online individually.
    Current dates are Jan 27th in Boulder, CO  & Feb 10th in Centennial, CO.
  2. Subscription to the annual online version of Best Year Yet© costs $109.
  3. In-person training will cost $125 to cover the cost of beverages and snacks.
  4. Groups limited to 6 participants.

• Reflect upon your accomplishments and disappoints of the last 12 months 
• Apply your learning to develop your guiding principles 
• Identify how you limit yourself from reaching your full potential 
• Craft a new paradigm supported by your core values  
• Create your vision, major focus and top 10 goals for 2018
• Be part of an Accountability Group to support your efforts 

Meeting Logistics:
Six hour initial session (in-person or online study) plus monthly progress and accountability
Minimum: 5

ICF-CO Members: No fee to participate in this Education Group
ICF-CO Non-Members: $99 fee to participate in this Education Group

Additional Costs for this Education Group:
In-person training:
$119 for the BYY program and $6 for food and snacks = $125

ICF-CO Members: $125 fee
ICF-CO Non-Members: $125 fee plus $99 for the Education Group fee = $224

Continuing Education (CCEs) offered

About Jacquie Fedo:


Jacquie Fedo is a Certified BYY© Facilitator. She is offering this SIG as a volunteer effort and will not be receiving any payments for her facilitation. She is a certified coach through Coach Training Alliance, currently serves as the President-Elect for ICF Colorado, and has had her own Business and Leadership business since 2012, called Coaching410.  Jacquie has over 21 years of experience inspiring individuals, leaders, teams and executive boards in maximizing their potential and exceeding theirs goals. Jacquie knows how to ignite that spark that intrinsically calls each of us to a higher purpose. Having concrete steps that move you easily into your greater power and confidence is exactly what she does. Be prepared to be bold and lean into your growth edge while capturing greater joy, peace and abundance. Too good to be true? All of this is already within you. Jacquie will show you how to unlock and capture what you desire most.

Facilitated by:
Jacquie Fedo


Credentialing & Core Competencies

2018 Dates: 4th Friday of each month
Time: 1:00 to 2:00pm MT
Location: Virtual Meetings via Zoom (Zoom link will be provided by facilitator.)

This SIG focuses roughly half of its time on the eleven ICF Core Competencies and half on encouraging members in taking next steps to achieve the next higher level ICF credential. It helps coaches increase their skill level and become more effective coaches. 


• Learn the requirements and skills needed at the ACC level, the PCC level and the MCC level. 
• Be part of a supportive network that encourages members toward the next higher credential level.

Meeting Logistics:
Monthly video conference meetings
Day and time being determined
Minimum 6, maximum 15

Continuing Education CCEs offered

ICF-CO Members: No fee to participate in this Education Group
ICF-CO Non-Members: $99 fee to participate in this Education Group

About Walt Hastings:

Walt Hastings, MCC has been coaching for 17 years; is an instructor and mentor coach for two coaching schools; has been a Board member for ICF Colorado Chapter for 4 years; is currently the Director of Credentialing for the ICF Colorado Chapter; is a Board member and Director of Credentialing for CCNI (Christian Coaches Network Int.); holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from a theological seminary.

Facilitated by:
Walt Hastings, MCC

Interpersonal Skills in Coaching

2018 Dates:

4th Wednesday of each month (January - October 2018)
Time: Noon - 1:00pm MT
Location: Virtual Meetings via Zoom (Zoom link will be provided by facilitator.)

During our round table wisdom pool for new and seasoned coaches, we will discuss and practice tools for effective communication. We'll address ways to enhance relatedness with your client and how to better support your clients with their relationship issues.

  • Identify and clarify your relationship strengths.
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence (IQ) qualities in communication.
  • Deepen listening skills.
  • Become more proficient in constructive conflict resolution. 
  • Consider pros and cons of self-disclosure and vulnerability.
  • Build rapport with prospective clients.

We will also solicit your ideas for topics of interest or concern.

ICF-CO Members: No fee to participate in this Education Group
ICF-CO Non-Members: $99 fee to participate in this Education Group

Jim and Ruth Sharon 200x137About Jim & Ruth Sharon:

Dr. Jim Sharon is a licensed psychologist and certified life coach; Ruth Sharon, MS, is a licensed professional counselor and certified wellness coach, in private practice together as Energy for Life. For over  four decades, Jim and Ruth have served thousands as counselors, coaches, seminar and conference speakers, and as couples retreat leaders. Since 2011, Jim and Ruth have worked together as couples coaches, and were voted "Best Relationship Coaches" in Colorado, 2015 and 2016. They are also authors of several books, including Secrets of a Soulful Marriage, SkyLight Paths, 2014.

Facilitated by:
Jim Sharon

Ruth Sharon


Executive Coaching Mastermind

2018 Dates: 
3rd Wednesday of the month (January  - November 2018)

Time: 10:30am - Noon MT

This Education Group is currently at maximum capacity.
Interested in being placed on the Waiting List for this group?

Please contact the facilitator:
Sheryl Zausen

ICF Colorado's Executive Coaches are gathering monthly to offer an exclusive community and collaboration while presenting opportunities for new knowledge, challenging experiences, and cross-networking. Let’s take 2018 to a whole new level!

We'll discuss professional goals, marketing niches, coaching techniques, frameworks and tools, best business practices, and more. 

Meeting Logistics:
Virtual Meetings via Zoom (Zoom link will be provided by facilitator.)

Continuing Education CCEs offered

ICF-CO Members: No fee to participate in this Education Group
ICF-CO Non-Members: $99 fee to participate in this Education Group

About Sheryl Zausen -

Sheryl Zausen is a Mastermind Facilitator and Life Coach trained through The Martha Beck Institute. She also trains coaches and leaders in Mastermind process and facilitation. Prior to coaching, Sheryl worked closely with executives in the Pharmaceutical industry facilitating meetings, group problem solving and leading groups. She has facilitated Mastermind groups for entrepreneurs and coaches since 2016, creating groups that offer opportunities for learning, knowledge sharing, accountability, networking and goal setting.

Sheryl ZausenFacilitated by:
Sheryl Zausen

Experienced Coaches Salon


Wednesday following the ICF Colorado monthly meeting

Time: 7:00 - 9:00pm MT

Register Here

This group is a social and supportive group to its participants and has been meeting for many years. Everyone attending has time reserved for sharing. The subject of the sharing is up to the participant and may be either personal or professional. The other members of the group are committed to listening and sometimes may ask questions or comment on what the person sharing has talked about. Everything that is talked about is confidential. Anyone who has been coaching for five years or more may enjoy being part of this group. The benefits increase as a person makes coming to the group a habit and forms deeper friendships with the other members of the group. 

Be in a safe place with colleagues where anything can be shared.

Meeting Logistics:

In-person monthly meetings
Wednesday after the ICF-CO monthly meeting from 7:00-9:00pm
Minimum 2, maximum 12

ICF-CO Members: No fee to participate in this Education Group
ICF-CO Non-Members: $99 fee to participate in this Education Group

About Judy Sabah:
Judy Sabah is the host, her home is the location for the meeting. Judy is founder of the ICF Colorado Chapter and has been a member of the group for many years. 

Judy Sabah 150x156
Hosted by:
Judy Sabah, MCC


Continuous Coaching Development

Dates: First Thursday of each month

Time: 6:00 - 9:00pm MT

We are calling the next sessions of the Continuous Coaching Development Education Group, “Working on the Core” -- those things at the heart of what makes us grow.  You’ll gain 2.5 CCE Units towards your ICF certification, and .5 Resources credit. 

Here’s the agenda: 

6.00 – 6.10pm: 
Meet and Greet

6.10 – 6.30pm: 
An icebreaker/warm up to get us in the frame and perceptually ready

6.30 – 6.55pm: 
Brief Introduction to a model or thought process which might help you as you work with your clients, and then a chance for you to select one of the ICF Core Competencies  to work on.

6.55 – 8.30pm: 
Small Group Triads or Quads.  This is a process of “close in coaching” where one person acts as the coach, someone else the client, and then either one or two observers, depending upon attendance.  Our aim is that everyone has the opportunity to practice some “how to’s” on a competency or indicator of a competency they select.  For instance, deepening our listening, or designing actions, etc.  These will all start from establishing a “coaching agreement” for the first 5- 10 minutes of their practice session.  Then, each coach will have 10 minutes to coach the client, with observer(s) collecting evidence of how the coach did in practicing their chosen skill area.  There will be a “time-out” of 10 minutes during the practice period for either the client, coach or observer(s) to spot the coach doing something well, ask for help, or simply make an observation. So 30 minutes total, then swap roles until all have completed.  Quads will have to work faster, but will get more learning!


8.30 to 9.00pm: 
Review, summarize, and commit, plus share any announcements.


Come get yourself ready for a set of fantastic evenings of exploring why coaching is the best way of leading and learning there is on the planet.

These workshops are highly interactive "live coaching" practice of all the ICF core competencies.  This offering is designed for seasoned coaches to keep their skills sharp through practicing their contracting, listening, partnering, questioning, designing actions, etc., and getting feedback from other coaches on how well they did on their chosen area of practice. Also designed for those new to coaching to see how they might incorporate the coach's toolkit in how they lead others.



  • Live coaching practice and feedback on chosen core competencies
  • Introduction to new material/models and tools used by other coaching training organizations approved by the ICF
  • Increased understanding of how coaching applies to leadership in a variety of situations and groups of people
  • Growth in confidence to use a coaching approach in our lives and in our work
  • Exploration is becoming a credentialed coach is the right career path
  • Mixing with other coaching professionals in the region to share best practice
  • Feel the stretch and learn something new to practice each and every time!

Meeting Logistics:

Monthly in-person meetings in Colorado Springs

First Thursday of the month, 6:00-9:00pm, except when that clashes with Denver ICF-CO meetings

Light snacks and refreshments provided

Minimum 6, maximum 20


CCEs offered

ICF-CO Members: No fee to participate in this Education Group
ICF-CO Non-Members: $99 fee to participate in this Education Group

About Geo Roberts

Geo has been an international leader and coach for over 40 years.  First of all as a fighter pilot and instructor in the USAF, then through pioneering leadership through coaching in the UK for global companies in technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, property management, retail and financial industries. He has been a member of ICF for over 20 years, and trained with the Coaching Training Institute, Laura Berman Fortgang, Marshall Goldsmith, Sir John Whitmore and many other thought leaders in the field of professional coaching.  He has written a book, IMPACT! How To Make A Positive Difference, which outlines 6 transformational leadership skills needed by everyone who desires to make their world a better place.

Hosted by:
Geo Roberts


"Bolder in Boulder" - an MCC led group to refine and deepen coaching skills

Dates: Fourth Thursday of each month

Time: 6:00 - 9:00pm MT

This six-month education group is designed to challenge and support seasoned coaches, as well as those new to the profession, or people using coaching skills in a leadership role or therapeutic practice.


Each session introduces a specific theme, and includes an expert coaching demonstration as well as peer coaching practice with structured feedback and reflection.


Development in the eleven ICF core coaching competencies is woven into every session. The monthly themes provide freshness and focus; each theme is a frame within which the core coaching competencies are practised, deepened and refined. Whether new to coaching or with several decades of experience, you will gain understanding of how the competencies differ between ACC, PCC and MCC level coaching, and be encouraged to set - and meet - learning goals for yourself every month.


Hosted and facilitated by Zora (Sara Boas, MCC) in Boulder, the group is a convivial and stimulating environment in which to learn and grow, sharing strengths and vulnerabilities through a focused and structured learning process.


Come with a willing heart and an open mind (and perhaps some healthy food to share); leave with fresh ideas, greater awareness of your own coaching strengths and style, and enhanced skills!

Each month has a different theme, presented by the group leader; 2018 themes include:


  • Bold Presence, Fierce Patience: how to do less and be more in your coaching
  • The Dance of Difference: trans-cultural competence and coaching for diversity
  • Bodies in Dialog: embodiment, sensation, and movement observation in coaching
  • The Arc of Coaching: opening and closing your sessions with clarity and grace
  • Psychotherapy and Coaching: how clinical skills can support coaching excellence
  • Coaching in the Wild: working with nature as a partner in your coaching conversations



  • Be challenged and stimulated to rethink your coaching approach
  • Raise the bar on your coaching skills in all 11 core coaching competencies
  • Practice specific skills in a supportive environment, with focused feedback
  • Connect with and mobilize your own body, intuition, humor, and creativity
  • Observe a Master Certified Coach in action during coaching demonstrations
  • Know and trust your personal coaching strengths and style in greater depth
  • Draw on, adapt and re-purpose skills you have learned in other professions
  • Co-create a community of professional peers who share the coaching ethos


Meeting Logistics:

Six monthly in-person meetings in Boulder, May to October 2018

Fourth Thursday of the month, 6:00-9:00 pm

Refreshments provided (feel free to bring healthy snacks to share)



CCEs offered


May, June, July, August, September and October 2018:

Downtown Boulder (Pearl Street); full address provided upon registration

ICF-CO Members: No fee to participate in this Education Group
ICF-CO Non-Members: $99 fee to participate in this Education Group



Those attending will be invited to join an optional Facebook group, where you can share your learning goals and your experiences of putting the skills into practice, raise questions, and learn from one another between the monthly sessions.




For those interested in mentor coaching, masterclasses, or full ACTP coach training, this education group is an opportunity to experience Sara Boas’ coaching style and have a taste of the boas tools for transformation.

About Sara Boas


Since establishing her leadership development business in 1987, Sara Boas (aka Zora) has coached thousands of managers and professionals from over 100 different countries, on five continents. Together with her colleagues, she supports the ongoing learning and development of business and community leaders around the world. Her company - boas partners - specializes in holistic leadership development that integrates all levels of our being - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual - in daily life.


Zora has been a Master Certified Coach since 2005, a long-standing ICF Assessor conducting ICF examinations at PCC and MCC levels, and is a former co-chair of the ICF Global Credentialing and Program Accreditation Committee. She is the director of the boas professional coach certification. This ICF Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP) brings together a select group of professional coaches from around the world in a shared journey of transformation.


Zora maintains a clear focus on uniting stakeholder value and core human values and is recognised as a catalyst for lifelong personal and corporate transformation. At the heart of her work is her trust in co-creative dialogue, encouraging her clients to outgrow their own success and evolve to the next level of achievement and fulfilment.

She is a dance artist, an accredited mediator and an expert in bodymind integration, neuro-linguistic programming and movement observation. Her work draws on the disciplines of psychology, anthropology, organisational behaviour, somatics and philosophy of science. Other sources include dance, physical theatre, yoga and martial arts, as well as diverse wisdom traditions and her love of wild nature. She holds an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and is the founder of LIFEdance!, an exciting approach to personal development that embodies the motto ‘live your dance, dance your life’.


Recognized as a powerful catalyst for positive change, Zora is a recipient of the Leadership Gurus Award of Excellence. This award is bestowed upon individuals who have attained the recognition of their peers and the general public for the originality, practicality and impact of their ideas, and for their visionary leadership.




6.00: Meet and greet

6.15: Opening circle to co-create community and establish trust, intimacy, and presence

6.30: Brief introduction of the month’s theme by Zora (Sara Boas, MCC)

6.45: Coaching demonstration by Zora (Sara Boas, MCC) with interactive observation and debrief

7.30: Refreshment

7.45: Co-coaching practice in trios with structured feedback in relation to the month’s theme

8.45: Individual commitments and closing circle

9.00: End

Hosted by:
Sara (Zora) Boas