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ICF-CO 2017 Fall Conference

November 9, 2017
Denver Marriott Westminster in Westminster, CO

"Fearless Leadership: Creating Powerful Results"


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Cathy Greenberg

Cathy Greenberg, PhD
Living a Fearless Life

"Emotional Brilliance" (TM) takes an innovative look at the combined traits of conventional emotional intelligence (EI), along with Cultural Intelligence and the critical steps required to overcome our inherent bias, as well as effectively increasing long-term success at home or at work. Learn how leveraging just one "EI competency" can enhance your "EB," while balancing awareness about your inherent biases. During this lively session, break free from EI derailers and decisions that undermine your success.

The Founder of Fearless Leaders Group, Dr. Greenberg is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of four books, including a New York Times bestseller. Her most recent publication is Fearless Leaders. She was named a Top 100 executive coach by Executive Excellence Magazine and a Top 50 female entrepreneur by Insights Magazine.


Reldan Nadler

Reldan Nadler, PsyD
Tools for Top Performance

What do you do in the moment to be your best leader? This presentation will offer the audience top tools for being a a fearless leader and coach. Dr. Nadler will share some of the main approaches he has found beneficial to improve performance, emotional intelligence and engagement. You will be able to immediately apply these tools with your teams or clients.

Educated as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Nadler has become a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and corporate trainer as the president and CEO of True North Leadership, Inc. He is a widely-sought speaker and consultant on topics such as leadership, executive coaching, and emotional intelligence. Dr. Nadler's latest book is Leading with Emotional Intelligence.




Amanda Trosten Bloom
Amanda Trosten-Bloom
The Wisdom of Inquiry: Leading with Positively Powerful Questions

Fearless leaders ask powerful questions that foster confidence and inspire hope, inviting and accelerating action. Referring to the breakthrough research from positive psychology and neuroscience, this speech will show how positively powerful questions can change what we see, how we act, and what we can imagine.

A principal at Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change and Corporation for Positive Change, Amanda is a widely acclaimed consultant, energizing speaker, master trainer, and pioneer in the use of Appreciative Inquiry for high engagement, whole system change in businesses, nonprofits and communities around the globe. She has co-authored four books, including Appreciative Leadership and The Power of Appreciative Inquiry, along with dozens of articles and book chapters.



Brooke Chesnut
Brooke Chesnut
Leadership in a "Post-Generational" World

Join this energized interactive session to help you navigate and understand the four distinctly different generations in your workforce. Learn the six forces of a post generational workforce and how to leverage them.

Brooke has dedicated 30 years to building success leadership training, consulting, and mentoring programs for multiple Colorado industries. A generational expert, he serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver's Daniels School of Business.



Todd Musselman
Todd Musselman
Creating the Ownership Mindset

You will gain a greater awareness of the language you use and the effect that has on how you occur, both personally and professionally. You will realize the profound difference between the victim versus ownership mindset and the effect each has on your performance.

Todd's creative blend of music, stories, and humor has provided an inspirational experiences for audiences for the past 20 years. His blend as a business owner, sales representative, and professional musician has produced strong results in the fields of cultural change, motivational speaking, and executive/life coaching.


Breakout Sessions

Christine Watkins Davies
Christine Watkins Davies
Courageous Leadership: How Being Vulnerable & Authentic Can Change the Way You Lead

Learn the relationship between courage, vulnerability, and values and how they relate to being a courageous leader. You will be able to identify the key values in your personal and professional life and the behaviors that support them in order to align with your best self, even during times of struggle.

Christine is a certified facilitator through Dr. Brene Brown's The Daring Way program. She serves as an executive and leadership coach with Align Leadership.

Arjun Sen
Arjun Sen
Customer Karma
- A Leadership Journey Focusing on the Client

Four key ingredients of successful leading will be identified. Customer Karma Leadership Journey gives you the insight and resources to become a leader on your own terms.

Arjun leads Zen Mango, a consulting company that takes shared ownership of solving a brand's challenges. He has successfully navigated high-level roles, such as senior vice president, within several Fortune 500 companies.

Jonathan Maske
Jonathan Manske
How Our Brains Get in the Way of Success and What to Do About It

Clearly recognize that procrastination and avoidance are direct responses to the stuff going on in our heads. Specific tools and strategies will be shared that allow us to "outwit our brains" and do the things we need to do to become the person we want to be and have the results we want.

Focusing on mindset, Jonathan is a business coach who is the world's only Cerebral Sanitation Engineer. He is also a speaker and author of several books, including the acclaimed book, The Law of Attraction Made Simple.


Robin Miller
Dr. Robin Miller
The Power of Alignment: Your Voice and Your Values

Discover if your message and voice are in alignment with or contradicting your values. Gain the tools to diagnose our communication and make adjustments in the moment to bring your message into alignment and to fully connect with your audience.

Dr. Miller is a certified coach and COO for ARTiculate: Real&Clear. She focuses on executive communication, leadership development, presentation skills, and conflict management.


Jennifer Tracy
More Than What Happened to You

Discover how to use the pain and struggles in life as fuel to accomplish what you want. Learn how to change the critical inner voice into one that confidently advocates for yourself. Together we will dig deeper into changing the way we think about adversity, discovering the power in a true understanding of forgiveness, and learn the steps required to develop a strong inner voice--one that supports your daily life.

Jennifer knows the pain of burying a husband and child and of being diagnosed with PTSD. However, she also knows how to use pain to create lasting positive change. Jennifer's programs teach others to do the same, empowering lasting life changes. She has presented this topic to diverse audiences.


Liz Wendling
Liz Wendling
How to Differentiate Yourself When You Are Not That Different From Your Competition

You will be able to identify what you bring to the table that is so memorable, outstanding and special that people choose to do business with you. Learn effective new strategies for differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Liz is a nationally recognized business consultant, sales strategist and author of four books. Straightforward and practical, her innate gift is helping professionals evolve and transform their sales and business approaches.


John Gies
John Gies

Communication: More Than a Soft Skill

Understand the tangible impact that communication can have. Learn and experience how communication can invigorate or debilitate an audience. Tools will be shared for having a positive influence on your audiences.

John has spent over two decades selling and leading in the communication crucible of the debt collection industry. Over the last four years he has been teaching and coaching international teams on sales, sales leadership and presentation skills, as well as coaching leaders to coach their teams for success.


Tama Kieves
Tama Kieves

Becoming an Inspired & Unstoppable Leader: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life's Work!

Ready to take your contribution, business, or creative dreams to the next level and stop letting circumstances defeat your clarity and fire? When you’re inspired, you’re unstoppable. You have a calling within, an expression of infinite talent, stamina, and love. This is not a path of force, but of savvy direction. Learn how to consistently draw people and resources to you, stand out, leverage fluctuations in circumstances and mood, and discover your own inspired way to succeed.

Tama Kieves, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, left her law practice and became a sought-after speaker and visionary career/success coach, who has helped thousands world-wide to discover and thrive in the life, calling and businesses of their dreams. Featured in USA Today and Oprah radio, she is the best-selling author of Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!, A Year without Fear, and This Time I Dance!




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